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Renovating costs

You can upgrade, but there’s more than meets the eye when buying an old property, did you know the cost of upgrading an old home to new build specifications can cost you over £55,000?*

The reality

Putting your stamp on a house to make it more “you” can be an exciting time. Whether that’s upgrading the dingy, old kitchen to something much more sleek and modern, adding a new lick of paint to freshen up the bedrooms or simply adding in some lovely decorative touches. But what happens when you find out something big like the boiler needs replacing or the house needs rewiring? It could mean forfeiting more than you would have liked to on top of all the costs of moving home.

With an older property, all the little things that need updating can add up, so making your mark could cost £10,000, but a more realistic figure for this is £55,092. Recent statistics from the industry have found that the cost of upgrading an older home to the same specification as a new build is £55,092.*

* Information and statistics sourced from www.new-homes.co.uk

Trinity Mere - Living Room - 3 bed

It's yours for the making

Moving into a second hand home often means living with someone else’s style, until you can renovate. This is where new build properties come into their own. Our homes offer you a blank canvas for you to make your mark. Depending on when you reserve your home, you will have a choice on your flooring, bathrooms and kitchen with the option to upgrade as well. And with the £55,000 you’ll save yourself, imagine what you could afford instead!

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