People before profit

People before profit

Every home you buy makes a difference. The money we make by selling homes is reinvested into our organisation to help those who need it.

Helping others

We do so much more

In 2023 we had 125,000 people living in our social housing homes. The money we made by selling new homes, alongside other grant funding, meant we were able to invest £46 million in improving our existing rented homes and £180 million building new homes.  It also meant we were able to work with over 12,000 vulnerable people in our supported housing and health services. These services help older people and people with physical or mental health issues.

Always at hand

Being there for customers during tough times has been a priority during the cost-of-living crisis. During 2023 we helped over 5,800 customers with their finances, increasing their income by an average, per customer, of £1200.

People before profit - always at hand
People before profit - investing in others

Investing in others

We’ve also invested in communities across the UK to help them grow. This year, our teams have supported projects like community clean-up days and a programme to help customers to use digital to improve their quality of lives. We’re also proud to run an apprenticeship programme for our customers.

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