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Supporting you past your move-in date

Our service to you doesn't end the day you collect your keys. With any new build home, there may be the odd teething problem – so our experts are on hand to put things right, for up to two years depending on when you moved in. 

If you spot anything you would like to discuss, give our Aftercare Team a call on 0808 196 1532 (Option 2) . From this point on, they'll be your point of contact for any snags and defects reporting.

Snags, defects... what do we mean?

A snag is something in your home that has been marked or damaged during construction. This could include scratched work surfaces, cracked tiles or minor decorative issues. 

A defect is a problem caused by a failure of workmanship in your new home, such as leaking roofs and plumbing, defective wiring or doors not closing or locking securely. 

If the fault with your home falls under the ‘defects’ category, we’ll aim to fix it for you within 30 days completely free of charge. And, if it’s an emergency repair, we’ll get to it in 24 hours or less.

It's worth checking out our hints and tips page - you'll find some really useful information on how to avoid some of the most common problems that can occur in any new build home.

When it just can't wait

We understand that some fixes are much more urgent than others. That’s why we aim to respond to the following in under 24 hours: 

  • No central heating or hot water in the winter months

  • Complete loss of power

  • Uncontainable leak

  • Risk to life or a cause of injury

  • An insecure home

  • Blocked toilet, where the toilet is the only one in your home 

In an emergency, please contact us directly on 0808 196 1532 (Option 2). If you can smell gas please contact your local Gas Board immediately, open the windows and vacate your home. .

If you have an uncontainable leak, please try to turn off your stop cock (usually located under the kitchen sink) . This can help reduce both short and long-term damage.  

Report a defect

If you have an issue with your home, please let us know ASAP so we can help make it right!

You can report a defect at any time by: 

When reporting, please provide as much information as you possibly can. Having your full address, plot number (if known), details of your defect and, if possible, a photo will really help our team. 


Complaints, compliments, comments…all feedback is useful to our teams as they strive to support our homeowners in the best way possible. 

Whether you’d like to get in touch after a particularly good experience or flag up where we could be doing better, you can:  

We take all feedback – especially complaints – very seriously.

You can read our formal complaints procedure here.

Keen to find out more?

Whether you’d like to book a viewing or simply have a quick introductory chat, our helpful advisory team would love to hear from you.

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