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Living on a building site

You might find yourself moving into your brand new home as others are being built!

Whilst building sites do contain hazards, rest assured it’s perfectly possible to enjoy your new home and live safely whilst building work is going on around you.

Some hazards are harder to spot than others, so read these guidelines carefully to get clued up and stay safe.

Remember: if you have any questions at all, your sales or aftercare team will be happy to help. There are no stupid questions when it comes to site safety, so ask away as much as you need to.

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Key safety guidelines

  • Watch your kids – building sites are not playgrounds, tempting as they look to adventurous little ones. Ensure your offspring don’t play on building sites – you may need to supervise outside play until construction work has been completed.

  • Unfinished footpaths and roads may contain trip hazards, so keep an eye out and watch where you’re walking.

  • Beware of large vehicles and construction equipment. When crossing in front of or around, make sure the driver has seen you using the ‘thumbs up’ signal.

  • We use temporary fences to mark the end of the finished homes and the start of the building site. Be aware that these will move as we complete more of the development.

  • Our teams work hard to minimise dust, mud and noise on site, but sometimes this is unavoidable. Bear with them as they finish up the other houses on the development!

  • Roads and footpaths may not be fully finished with the final layer of tarmac. This is normally applied when all homes on the development are finished – you can help by removing any vehicles from the footpath or road during the process.

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